Live Undiscovered Music
LÜM’s streaming platform is built on a social network that enables emerging artists to circulate their music and grow their fanbase.


The next generation of music

Shining a Spotlight On Emerging Artists

LÜM focuses exclusively on up and coming talent to decrease the disparity in exposure between corporate music and emerging music everywhere.

A Free Platform For All

No subscriptions, no fees and zero ads to interrupt the music experience of all artists and fans.

Fans Control the Direction of Music

Discover artists and tracks by sharing, ranking, and engaging with your friends and communities to create organic music growth. LÜM is gamifying the social music discovery experience!


“The top 1% enjoy the most spoils, the stretched middle can just about keep above water and the great masses at the bottom – those millions of small and niche acts – are left crossing their fingers.”

“According to the data trackers at BuzzAngle Music, more than 99 percent of audio streaming is of the top 10 percent most-streamed tracks. Which means less than 1 percent of streams account for all other music.”

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