I am graduating from UW-Madison with a degree in Biochemistry. During this past year, I have been working as a Cell Line Development Intern at Catalent Pharma Solutions. At Catalent, I worked on maintaining and growing cells that would later be used to make medicine that would range from Advil to cancer therapeutics. Prior to that, I was a lab assistant at Hector DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Complex in Madison, WI doing research on protein mechanisms related to cancer in humans. My previous experiences have taught me to be methodical and to pay attention to the little details. That has carried over into my passion for music as I have been teaching myself to play the piano when I am not focused on LÜM. My favorite song to play is Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy, a French piano song from 1905.

What I love most about LÜM is the opportunity it provides to make a large and positive impact on the world. Individuals like Steve Jobs have inspired and motivated me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to help create an exciting and disruptive company like LÜM. I am excited for the huge opportunity we have at LÜM to change the music industry and couldn’t be happier with the people I am doing it with.