I am graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this May with a degree in Finance, Investment and Banking. Before co-founding LÜM, I spent a summer working at Robert W. Baird in Milwaukee, WI as an Investment Banking Analyst Intern where I gained valuable experience in financial modeling and valuation. Previous to working at Robert W. Baird, I worked as a Treasury Analyst Intern at CUNA Mutual Group in Madison, WI where I gained exposure and insight into Treasury Management operations at a company that generates billions in revenue a year. Both of these experiences coupled with my academic background have given me the experience and the tools to attack the challenge of working for a startup like LÜM.

I was excited about the opportunity to co-found LÜM because I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship, and have always looked up to visionaries like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Each of these individuals disrupted entire industries, and their actions have been an inspiration of mine. The music industry’s top down method of music discovery is ripe for disruption, and my vision is that LÜM will be that disruption.