Chief Executive Officer

I’m a graduating Finance, Investment and Banking student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to starting LÜM, I was one of the few students admitted to UW Madison’s business school as an incoming freshman and have since worked in Shanghai, China as a financial analyst for a healthcare and life science venture capital firm and for Leerink Partners in San Francisco as a summer analyst in their investment banking division.

While I have focused on growing my skill set in finance throughout college, my passion has always been entrepreneurship. I started my first business when I was 7-years old traveling the U.S. selling tumbled rock jewelry at art fairs and convincing my younger sister into working with no pay. My type A personality has allowed me to persevere through obstacles that would stop most people in their tracks. I’m keen on the needs and wants of our society and believed that the world needed a better way to exhibit and share real talent. I created LÜM with the intention to allow talent and taste to seamlessly coexist on one platform. Using great music as my motivator and business as my passion, we are here to change the world.